Why "Alchemy" and "Synapse"?
These terms have been used separately in a variety of settings to describe different processes.

ALCHEMY, simply stated, refers to an ancient and somewhat mythological science of transforming one's "prima materia" into gold.

A SYNAPSE refers to the space in between two neurons where any and all information from one neuron gets passed on to another.

These literal definitions, while accurate, are lacking in their more potent symbolic meanings.

ALCHEMY as a symbol represents the transformative process of CHANGE, and places value on the "prima materia", the process, and the final product. In short, what better way to describe a new therapeutic journey than a quest to turn one's "prima materia" into gold.

Similarly, a SYNAPSE represents a SPACE, a place to absorb and integrate new information, and is the neurological locus of health and wellness.

I use these terms together to balance ancient wisdom with modern science. Balance, integration, the forming of new ideas and connections—these are the cornerstones of healthy, happy living, and the focus of ALCHEMY + SYNAPSE.